What is Happy Mail?

If you think of happy mail as an intention to cause a smile, you can’t go wrong.

Entering the world of happy mail is like visiting a foreign country.

The vocabulary is new. The references are new. The environment is new!

Our definition: happy mail is a piece of awesome that you send to your swap partner through the United States Postal Service.

I like to think of it in two ways:

  • an amazing dose of sunshine in your mailbox.
  • something I would love to receive.

Getting Started

The way I see it, you need an address, a greeting card, and a stamp to get started.

Examples of Happy Mail

Suggestions for Beginners

  • Swap within your own country, for simplicity and cost efficiency.
  • Watch the group you’re in before you set up a swap. Each group has its own rules and setup. Be sure you understand how it’s run.
  • Create a postage budget. It gets out of hand… quickly.

How to Swap With Us

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