Please, do not grab a cup of anything.

No beverages or food are allowed around our happy mail table. Dog drool is now prohibited as well. We will NOT be discussing how these rules came about. The memories are just too traumatic.

Here you will find definitions and helpful guides about happy mail and paraphernalia.

We will be searching high and low to find arts and crafts supplies at affordable prices.

With three ladies in the house who  love happy mail, we hope to provide a broad perspective on the most popular and most obscure swap items, along with the tools of the trade.

Hopefully, this will help you in your own quest for answers.

If there is something you’d like us to test or review, please send us a note.

About Us

We blog together as a family.

Swapping also happens as a family. We enjoy our happy mail lunch dates and spending time on the weekend contemplating the possibilities of the upcoming week.

Michelle does most of the writing. She’s an extrovert, so she also does most of the talking.

Brian does the web hosting and technical stuff.

Angel does the photo editing and graphic design. She is a talented artist and is learning to digitize her creations (mostly at Michelle’s insistence.)

Elizabeth handles research and customer service. We might give her the title of Professional Procurer.

About the Site

As with most things in the Darby house, Happy Mail Headquarters was born from Michelle’s frustration with finding answers and rules about swapping, snail mail, happy mail, and etiquette. Understanding the importance of a good, fair swap and very important.

This will help you understand the requirements of swaps, how to navigate facebook groups, and how to avoid flakers and scammers.

She could never find the information she NEEDED when trying to learn to be a good swap partner. Simple phrases like “friendship book” and “pocket letter” eluded her in meaning.

She spent a lot of time simply orienting herself to a new hobby. We hope to save you that time!

We will dig into the happy mail world with zest while trying to save you money in the process. Swapping (the way we do it) is an expensive hobby. We decided the expense is worth it to create lives we love.

About Our eBay Store

We’ve amassed many embellishments, paper supplies, and methods. We use our eBay store to pass along supplies, share our original creations, and connect with our customers.

Be sure to join our mailing list for access to our exclusive free printable library and discount codes to our store.

Random Facts About Us

-Michelle and Brian have been married for 16 years. They have two daughters, Angel and Elizabeth.

-The Darby family happily resides in Salem County, New Jersey, USA.

-We are owned by five dogs, four cats, a ferret, and a Russian Tortoise.

-We dream of turning our 6.5 wooded acres into a certified wildlife habitat.

-Michelle collects antique and vintage recipe collections, as well as cookbooks.

-The Darby women may or may not have a paper/office/craft supply hoarding problem. We don’t discuss it.

C’mon over and visit sometime!

We hope you enjoy your stay.

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